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Evil Geniuses: 14 Villains We Low-Key Agree With

Evil Geniuses: 14 Villains We Low-Key Agree With

Most film villains are laborious to root for, however there are some situations the place you end up agreeing with the dangerous man. Somebody in a well-liked on-line discussion board requested, “What villain was terrifying as a result of they had been proper?” Listed here are 14 villains that maybe had a degree.

1. Agent Smith

agent smith the
Picture Credit score: Warner Bros.

Some film followers named Agent Smith in The Matrix for his tackle the human species. “I spotted that you just’re not truly mammals. Each mammal on this planet instinctively develops a pure equilibrium with their surrounding atmosphere, however you people don’t. You progress to a different space, and also you multiply, till each pure useful resource is consumed. The one approach you possibly can survive is to unfold to a different space,” he says.

Smith continues, “There’s one other organism on this planet that follows the identical sample. Have you learnt what it’s? A virus. Human beings are a illness, a most cancers of this planet. You’re a plague…”

2. Syndrome

syndrome the incredibles
Picture Credit score: Buena Vista Photos Distribution.

One particular person identified Syndrome’s remark in The Incredibles: “When everybody’s tremendous … nobody might be.” One other film fan shared, “You’ll anticipate a Pixar film to have a message like ‘everyone seems to be born particular’ however The Unbelievable’s message is extra like ‘some persons are born extra particular than others and it’s not okay to tear them down out of jealousy.’”

3. Ozymandias

Ozymandias Watchmen
Picture Credit score: Paramount Photos.

His logic is fairly sound: unite the world towards a typical enemy for the higher good. Not solely did he outsmart the universe’s strongest being, however he additionally gained too!

4. Lex Luthor

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor
Picture Credit score: Warner Bros.

Look, Lex Luthor has carried out some dangerous issues. There is not any denying that. Nevertheless, he is proper that nobody ought to have as a lot energy as Superman, not even Superman. The day Superman decides that he is carried out with defending humanity is the day all of us die. Hopefully, that day by no means comes. 

5. Inexperienced Goblin

Green Goblin
Picture Credit score: Marvel Comics.

In Spider-Man, Inexperienced Goblin tells Spider-Man: “Finally you have carried out for them, ultimately, they may hate you.”

Whereas we by no means fairly noticed that play out within the Sam Raimi movies, it got here to fruition with the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s portrayal of the general public turning on Peter Parker. 

6. Colonel Kurtz

Apocalypse Now
Picture Credit score: United Artists.

Some film followers famous Colonel Kurtz, the primary antagonist of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 movie Apocalypse Now, performed by Marlon Brando. One particular person mentioned, “Apocalypse Now is a type of motion pictures the place, relying upon whenever you watch it and what model you watch, your view of it could possibly change.”

7. Ken From the Bee Film

Bee Movie
Picture Credit score: Paramount Photos.

Ken completely wasn’t fallacious. I is likely to be slightly off if my girlfriend began falling in love with a speaking bee too. One film fan mentioned, “I too would go completely berserk if a speaking bee stole my girlfriend and gaslit me into considering I used to be loopy.”

8. Ultron

Picture Credit score: Marvel Comics.

Whereas he will be the villain in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, he does convey up some nice factors. Should you took a take a look at every little thing that exists on the web, you’d in all probability be part of Ultron’s aspect.

9. The Replicants

Blade Runner
Picture Credit score: Warner Bros.

Featured in Blade Runner, The Replicants had been enslaved and given artificially shortened lives. All they wished was to reside freely. I am unable to say I blame that a lot. 

10. AUTO

Picture Credit score: Walt Disney Studios Movement Photos.

All AUTO did was comply with his programming. He was instructed to not let the people return to Earth. It isn’t his fault he is portrayed because the dangerous man. 

11. Magneto

Picture Credit score: twentieth Century Fox.

Magneto himself mentioned, “The nations of the world spend over a trillion {dollars} a 12 months on armaments. I intend to disclaim them that indulgence. The cash and power devoted now to warfare might be turned as a substitute to the eradication of starvation, poverty, and illness. I provide a golden age, the like of which humanity has by no means imagined!”

12. Rely Dooku

Count Dooku
Picture Credit score: twentieth Century Fox.

Why is Rely Dooku the villain? He instructed Obi-Wan that the Sith management the Senate. Obi-Wan’s response was to inform him off. 

13. Common Hummel

General Hummel
Picture Credit score: Buena Vista Photos.

Common Hummel is a literal terrorist however will get sympathy from practically each character in The Rock. One motive for that? He meant to acquire pension payouts for the households of unlawful operations casualties. 

14. Bobby Heenan

Bobby Heenan
Picture Credit score: WWE.

Bobby Heenan was proper about Hulk Hogan all alongside. Nevertheless, nobody wished to hearken to him due to our blind love for the Hulkster. Heenan was confirmed right in 1996 when Hollywood Hulk Hogan had his heel flip. 

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