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Barry interviews Michael Lewis – The Reformed Dealer

Barry interviews Michael Lewis – The Reformed Dealer


My accomplice Barry Ritholtz speaks to Michael Lewis, whose newest e book is “Going Infinite: The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon,” on FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried.

Lewis has been the topic of an enormous uproar on social media for the best way his e book portrays SBF and the best way he’s spoken about his topic through the promotion tour, particularly on ’60 Minutes’ final Sunday. Michael appears to have a comfortable spot in his coronary heart for the boy marvel who turned out to be one of many largest monetary frauds in American historical past. I suppose it’s onerous for Michael Lewis to make the flip from “This man’s a genius” to this “This man’s the brand new Madoff” after shadowing him for 3 years. He loves these outsider oddball characters and he apparently isn’t scathing sufficient within the aftermath of the crime’s discovery. I believe he got down to write one e book, wrote it, then the entire thing unraveled and he needed to regulate what he had written. He most likely ought to have modified the title of the e book in mild of how a lot larger the crime is than anything in regards to the story. If it had been titled “Bahamas Ponzi Nerd Orgy”, he most likely wouldn’t be getting this a lot criticism.

Anyway, take heed to the dialog and decide for your self. Or learn the e book, get it right here.

You possibly can take heed to the entire thing beneath:



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